Name: Halston Sage.

Age: 20.

Known for: How To Rock and Crisis.

Name: Tiffany Boone.

Age: Unknown.

Known for: Beautiful Creatures and Detention.

Name: India Eisley.

Age: 20.

Known for: The Secret Life of The American Teenager and Underworld: Awakening.

Name: Sasha Pieterse.

Age: 17.

Known for: Pretty Little Liars and X-Men: First Class.

Name: Skyler Samuels.

Age: 19.

Known for: The Gates and The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

Name: Spencer Locke.

Age: 22.

Known for: Resident Evil and Detention.

Name: Sofia Black D’Elia.

Age: 22.

Known for: Skins (US) and Gossip Girl.

Name: Hannah Marks.

Age: 20.

Known for: The Amazing Spiderman and The Runaways.

Name: Penelope Mitchell.

Age: 22/23.

Known for: Hemlock Grove and 6 Plots.